Earth From The Air

Tim Pindar

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Most of you will have come across these photos by Yann Arthus-Bertrand at some time, most probably in high street displays. I bought one of the books once ("Earth From The Air: 366 Days") and we have a print on our wall.

Just wondered what you think of the concept and the photos?

I remain enamoured by them, despite the rampant commercialisation of the series and the number of copycat series now found everywhere.
I too am really impressed by them. I wouldn't want one on the wall but I like the way they make us view the world around us in a different way. Often the images appear totally abstract and you need to spend some time 'interpretting' them. Unfortunately they have of course been commercialised extensively but the seem to have withstood this well and have lost little of their initial power and impact. At least he has repeaded some reward (I hope) for the ideas and all of the work put into them.
Ignore the £50 price.

There was a 365 Days book then a follow-up 366 Days book, which I have, with about 200 photos changed. I do recommend the book(s), by the way, if his images appeal to you. Each photo has the accompanying speil about the environmental impacts of what is shown. Good value at £15 - it is a nice neat size, but very heavy!