Ed ... and some rain

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
recent wedding photo that im rather pleased with comments are of course welcome

As it goes, i should point, Hannah (my fiancee) took this, with my lighroom tinckering on top...
it looks a lot better if you have a decent calibrated screen ... it looks a bit washed out on my "photos for the net" screen ... you should be able to see highlight detail in his forehead... it is there ... i promise
I like this, although I'm not a fan of the format, but that's personal. I like it most of all because even the space is interesting and I'm a fan of space.
10 x 8 format... you have touched a nerve there ;)

i use it for most of my images... especially weddings... it somehow has a touch of class about it i think... i think
on my LED backlit macbook screen it looks contrasty, punchy and well lit. No complaints here. That said I do wonder if my screen flatters photos. I must try to look at my images on other systems sometime.

apple screens do have a slightly flattering look to them... but i think it is to with the gloss finish ... it is more reminiscent of a print