Foods of yesteryear

Julian Tanase

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Good old hearty food that’ll put hair on your chest; some might even put hair on the inside of it. Only a few of these brands are still with us, but not many. Most of them went under during the last 40 or so years. And nowadays, some of these are deemed to be toxic for your heath. I don’t know if they really are, but when I think of my family’s old kitchen and what wonders mum managed to cook and serve to us kids, well, I guess a lot of the food fashionistas and food gurus are talking poppycock. But then again, we grew in the times of the “make do”.


I do agree many of them were made and consumed in a time of food shortages, such as war, and the brands were not always honest or willing to warn consumers about potential dangers contained by the “wonder soup”, “the fabulous oxo” or “your daily marmite spread”. However, I guess it’s all in the quantity and quality of food you cook and eat. It is obvious that eating some 3 cubes of Oxo daily isn’t going to add to your health. That said, I wouldn’t even dream to have my Sunday roast without any real gravy, made in the old “toxic” way.

Shot indoor, in a local museum in Brighton (2000), of kitchenalia persuasion. Olympus OM1 and Kodak Gold 100.​
Can't complain at some marmite on toast if enough butter is applied! I like musings following the images Julian, and I doubt you'll find advertising is anymore honest these days - more likely to obscure the bad with hints at the nutritional good.
What a great shot (love the colours) and I too always enjoy the context and comments you add.

We'll I guess aside the high salt content many of those extras were pretty good compared with much of the ultra-processed stuff we see on the shelves these days.