Ghosts on my photo

Julian Tanase

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Probably not the best title, but I can't help it; it's about ghost and photograph. A certain photograph, to be exact.

While visiting the Rep. of Moldova on business, I took this photo here with an Agfa Silette-L (Solinar) and expired Konica VX400. Not a bad photograph, as expired film goes. Processed it in C41 and scanned it. Published it on my website (link here) and that was that. Well, I was in for a surprise :) .​


My daughter who is 12 and 1/2 yrs old, herself a young budding film photography passionate, had a go at my photograph and invited two ghosts to sit at that table :) . And then, very proud, she showed it to me, with a grin the size of the moon. Imagine my reaction...priceless... :) :) :)


I am not one to digitally add or subtract from my scans; I love the way film renders the image I wanted to catch, so I never was one for dabbling in this digital modification of a photograph. But there is a wave of young people who are rushing from behind us, with novel ideas and technology which we can (barely) fathom. They open new directions which we never thought they'd be possible, embracing the new to the point of weirdness, but they do it in a very applied and decisive manner. Do we like it? I, for one, am not against it. I am not a fan of digitally modified stuff, but then again I am old fashioned I guess. And that extends to lomography style, I am afraid :) ...

It took me a while to snap out of the surprise she caused, and I laughed and joked with her on the matter in hand. As long as she undertand that in order to do this, you will need explicit permission from the owner to manipulate an image that does not belong to you, I'm happy with her ghosts. Being inventive, looking for your own way out there, stay by your values, these are things to encourage in one so young. Well done, girl !​
Wow... they're pretty good ghosts! :)

I'm not really into modifying images, but respect it when it's done well.

Hate it when it's not though - saw a recent example on an ad for a travel company, a shot of a group of people sitting on a beach. There was a 'sunset' behind the people... but the light was obviously coming well and truly from left of frame. Just stupid. I took great pleasure in leaving some sarcastic feedback.
But when it's with 'artistic' (for want of a better word) intent, and done well, it can be great. Very useful skill to have too, in the modern world... if nothing else it helps one to see through some of the misleading media around.
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