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Now that the snows gone I can post this...


There's still snow here in Potsdam and I have some more shots yet to post. This reminds me to get on with it. I like the figure in the background - nice juxtaposition. I think I'd crop the foreground a bit and a tiny bit on the left to tidy the roof-line up.

Just noticed - this was my 500th post!!
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It's def worth posting! I think it's good, I agree with Pete about the person, that makes the shot! But I disagree with Pete in regards to a crop ... Any off the bottom would need to come off the top to even the compo and that would make the statue to small in the frame ... In fact I'd go as far to say that it's a very good composition
Apart from the fact I had deleted to link because I didn't like the shot when I posted it it seems to have magically reappeared.

I tend to agree with Pete, I thought about cropping a smidge off the top and maybe a little off the left just to tidy up the roof line. In fact there has been a cropped from the left already but I was happy enough with the left as it was never really going to be 'tidy' on that side. The issue I had was with the space at the top of the frame, although I normally don't bother to much about 'dead space' ( I think it's a 'rule' I break the most). In the end I didn't really like the shot anyway so I wont bother with it.

Another point, I fail to see how the statue will become smaller in the frame if a crop is done, surely the statue will appear to fill the frame more and thus appear larger?
I think I get what Hamish means Vic. At the moment the eye wanders from the statue to the person and back but is the statue is more dominant in the frame your eye tends to go to the person. But that is what I like in an image sometimes, that the main element is not the 'focus' of the image. Trty scolling the bottom 10 - 20% off the screen and see if you get the same effect as I seem to.
year... moron brain in action there i think

i meant the polar opposite of what i said

statue to small in the frame

should have been "statue to BIG in the frame

the reason i think that is that to me its an image of the bleakness of the place at that time, bleakness needs a certain amount of scale ... and a tighter crop around the statue might make it loose some of its scale ...

that said ... on my bigger pc screen it does look like a bit could be lopped off the bottom without loosing to much ... so perhaps i should have just kept quiet :)