Hamish's lightroom tip of the day

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
not so long ago i pointed out that it was possible to create multiple versions of an image using lightrooms "snapshot" feature

me and pete talked about the issue of having to remember to create a snapshot before you start the editing and i mentioned that there was an "import" button in an earlier version to revert to the original image after an edit has taken place... well, i was being daft!

here is how to do it ...

edit your image as usual
when you are finished create a snapshot
in the left hand column of lighroom veiw the history
scroll down to the bottom and click "import"
create another snapshot

now you can flick between the two versions, original and edited

if you are clever and do any cropping before you edit anything else then you can scroll in the history to the image post crop and create a snap shot of that ... then you have a direct comparison

using this method you can create many versions of an image and flick between them as you wish ... happy days

its that simple that people who already do this will no doubt scoff at those who have only just figured it out :)