Heaton Park Hall

Darren Turner


I wont bore you with history but can be found here if required

Heaton Park, covering an area variously reported as 600 acres / 247 hectares,
is the biggest park in Greater Manchester, England and one of the biggest municipal parks in Europe. The park comprises the grounds of a Grade I listed, neoclassical 18th century country house, Heaton Hall. The hall was remodelled to a design by James Wyatt in 1772, and is now open to the public as a museum and events venue, the park in now run & managed by greater Manchester council

Again the dash of red always works ( surprised no SC was used here:) ) . I think I would have aimed for a little separation between the runner and the building, but I understand that sometimes with 'street' shots you just don't get the time. I always have the camera set to multi shot and fire off 4 or 5 just to give myself the option of slightly different compositions.

thanks guys, i agree with in what your saying............... it easy for me to think about it now sat here, but at the time, i should try :-/ & think a little more.