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Glen Roberts

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Hello everyone.
First of all thanks to Graeme (have I spelt it right;)) for pointing me in this direction.

I'm Glen, but a couple of you may remember me from an old forum by the name of Shaggy. Feel free to call me what you will (I'm used to it;)).

My main hobby was Birdwatching then I met a Wildlife photographer and got the idea to "Shoot" the birds I see as a permanent reminder rather than just ticking a list in a book.
I got my first camera in 2006, a Fuji Finepix s5600 Zoom, which give me lots of practice and a few good pic's too.
In 2009 I upgraded to my first DSLR, a Canon 450D with the basic 18-55mm kit lens and a member of another forum gave me a Tamron 80-210mm lens to be going on with until I could scrape the money together for a big lens.
When I first got my DSLR I said only wanted two lenses for the sort of Photography that I do (wildlife mainly) and they were a telephoto lens and a dedicated Macro lens.
This year I have finally got them. In March I got a Canon 400mm f5.6 L and two weeks ago I got a Tamron 90mm f2.8 Macro lens.

As I said, most of my Photography is Wildlife but I occasionally try something a little different when some one gives me a bit of inspiration, as some of the members on here have done in the past.

I look forward to posting some of my shots (feel free to comment on ways to improve them, it all helps in the learning) and I look forward to seeing more great shots from all of you.

welcome glen!
hope you enjoy the forum ... good ol grez, he has brought most of the current active members here i think
Hello shaggy C you are still around Nice to see you:D:D
hi glen, great to see you have joined up..........its a fab forum, just like old times....snif snif.........lol