Alastair Cummins

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I was out in the snow earlier taking a few pictures when a lady asked if I could take a picture of her with Beer beach in the background so it could be used as a christmas present.

Now unfortunately I only had a quick look at the picture and thought all was ok but ive missed the fact that theres a big snow flake covering part of her face which, lets be honest looks rubbish!


nanny before by Allyc85, on Flickr

Now im rubbish at cloning and this is the best ive got so far..

Nanny 1 by Allyc85, on Flickr

So would that be passable to you guys or would one of you be able to help me by removing the snow flake?
It's a bit hard to do a decent job with my very limited skills on a web sized image but here a quick go at it.
I cant really see if the cloning was successful or not. If not try copying part of the left side of her face, paste it and then flip it horizontally. Then press control T for Free Transform to move it about, resize and rotate it about until it lookes about right. You may also have to reduce the opacity of the layer and use curves a little. You can also blend it in by using the eraser tool at a low opacity and with a soft edged brush. This should stop you from loosing the structure of her face.