Inspired by Robert Parke Harrison

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
this is an image by robert parke harrison


Hannah was flicking through his book that we have and said we should have a crack at doing something similar ... this was the result


then we got a bit carried away and decided to wrap speaker cable round her face ...



this is early goes at this sort of thing... i have never used textures in images before ... i think there is a lot more in this area that we can come up with that is a touch more imaginative ... i like these images but i feel we are imitating something else a touch... i think between us we should come up with some interesting stuff sooner or later. it has certainly been an interesting evening :)
... for anyone interested, this is what happens when you live with 2 depressed people...
im actually quite a happy person :)
I think it's neat. I really like the second shot. The hard shadows is nice and gives it a sense of foreboding as does Hannah's expression add in the low angle and it really sets the mood. Not to sure about the texture, it's clearly wood grain but I feel maybe it needs something a little more grungy. Cannot make my mind up on the third one I like the lighting on the hands, but maybe a little more light on the face not alot just a tad more. Also maybe try the hands clasped together in prayer and bound, not sure about that you would have to play about with it.
Great shots Hamish. Poor choice of the word 'crack' though!

My favourite is No 3 without a doubt. I like the fact that her face is partly obscured (nothing personal you understand ;)) and the open hands add ambiguity to the shot. Any more planned?
Cheers chaps, yeah, more to come for sure ... We have a few idea already... I should add that these really are collaborative between me and the missis.

Anyone fancy doing a tutorial on how to best do textures for me... And maybe where to get some better ones?

What do you both thing of my copy of the Robert parke Harrison photo?
I think you maybe need to get a little more distant rather then have Hannah so close and maybe hide the stool a little better, don't want the hear that the rooms to small go outside and do it! I like the tone/texture you have given it.

Here the site I use for textures

I'll tend to give the textures a very high contrast to make the edges a little more defined although I'm no expert and don't use them to much.

here's some links to some I've used textures on ( rather then hijack the thread and post pictures here)