Liminal light

Ralph Turner

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Seeing @Geoff Chaplin's excellent photo of the evening sky from his front drive reminded me of winter's evening walk around my local area at the time a few years back. That magical time at, and shortly after, the sun has set, the Belt of Venus comin in to view in all it's glory.

(Canon Powershot S70)


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Brian Moore

These make me want to buy a Canon Powershot S70. Lovely! I especially like 0078. The colors are sublime and the aspect ratio you have chosen works perfectly.

Ralph Turner

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Thanks @Brian Moore, much appreciated. That little S70 was my first proper digital camera back in 2004. I’ve still got it. My wife used it for a time at a number of Duran Duran gigs back in the noughties but, despite the rigours such events (often in the thick if it down near the stage), it’s still going. To be fair I’ve not used it for a while- maybe I ought to power it up again ☺️.
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