Critique Welcomed Little Bighorn Battlefield

Brian Moore

An 1894 photo by Henry Robinson Locke, photographer of Deadwood, South Dakota. No wait,...maybe its an 1856 Crimea image by Roger Fenton...?

Just kidding. It was taken by me a couple of months ago, somewhere along Battlefield Tour Road, at the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument. Smoke from the wildfires in Alberta rendered the big Montana sky a nondescript gray, which looks to my eye like so many 19th century photos that have featureless skies.

Canon 5DSR with Canon 24-105L.

At least you didn't bring any corpses with your to dress the set up.
Unfortunately I had no corpses on me the day I was there, Pete. By the way, I understand that when Fenton was plying his trade in Crimea, battlefield images didn't show the dead (though they did show plenty of canon balls). Just a few years later, though, in the American Civil War, images by Matthew Brady's photographers, and presumably others, showed corpses aplenty, in all their gory resplendence. Such images shocked a public hitherto accustomed to thinking war a noble endeavor.