Long exposure with Nikkormat FT

Julian Tanase

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So, the last evening of my holiday, somewhere on the shores of the Black Sea. My girls (wifey and daughter) wanted to walk on the wet sand, to say bye to the waves. I was asked to chaperone, and although my beach nights are over, I complied. Took a Nikkormat from the bag, the tripod and off to the beach. Film was a Konica VX400 roll, with some 5 or 6 frames remaining.

While they walked up and down, I took a few long exposures (1 minute) of the waves, the distant lights of the nearby town on the coast and such. You know, to have the roll finished sort of thing.

While the day photographs with the FT came out fine (as expected), the night ones were a surprise for me. Quite eerie, if you ask me. I like them, although they could be a hell lot better. For what is worth, do peruse these here.



Very nice Julian!
The first one almost looks like the waves are illuminated from underneath... quite dramatic either way.
The second is pretty cool - to start with I didn't notice the human figures in there, but once I saw it's indeed a little eerie!

Last one is great too but I can't find so much to say about it - not that that's a bad thing necessarily. ;)
That first one is a dream sequence that lingered into reality, magical. The tones are pretty fascinating Julian, especially the black sands of the second image with the ghosts. Was this using any flash or just ambient light?