Minox IIIs closeup

Julian Tanase

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Seeing that the Minox camera is capable to focus on an incredible 20 cms, I would say that trying to get Minox-macro photographs is almost a must for any such camera user. True, it’s tricky and one has to use the Minox chain to measure the distance, or have a telemetry system built in his eyes. The first seems more adequate.

Two rules are to be observed here: 1) make sure the chain is not stretched or bent, which is the case with many such accessories, and 2) measure up the distance from your camera lens to the centre of the item you are going to photograph. The chain has to be taut, and hand steady.

This photograph here was taken with a Minox IIIs, loaded with Ilford Pan F50, at 20 cms. It just goes to show what the Minox camera and the COMPLAN lens is capable of.

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I took a shot of some shiny leaves the other day but yours pops due to the separation between the holly and the background (mine was just of a bush). Just goes to show what being chained to your camera can help you accomplish ;)