St. James of Rothenburg

Julian Tanase

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This bronze statue of St. James, placed in front of the ST. James Cathedral in Rothenburg took me by surprise; coming from around the corner of the church towards the entrance it loomed over me in quite a startling fashion. Quite difficult to get it correctly exposed, for the sun shone pretty bright at that time of the day, and the facets of the bronze statue were sending my meter al over the place. So, I basically averaged and just said a silent prayer. I was, after all, in front of a church, savvy?

Sometimes, the OM1 is a bit left wanting in the metering department; very rare, but at times, such as in this situation, it's hard to figure what is what. Therefore, I just use the camera with either Sunny 16 or by averaging the light, by eye or by closing up with the object to photograph and measure the light close up. It works.

Olympus OM1 with Ilford Pan F50, processed in FX39-II.