My Local Sky

Paul Lange

Well i say local sky but probably it was local to everyone within about 50 miles all around!

I been looking at various B&W photo's some of them very wonderful and it inspired me to have a play in photoshop. In the end I added some tinting but its very subtle. I like the way that you can rescue a colour photo. Sometimes it's all there but just not working, you chose the composition right and you could see the textures when you took it but the colour makes it all flat. I wonder how many great shots I may have taken and ignored or deleted when all I needed to do was make them B&W. I was given a bum steer by a mag a few years ago, it said the best way to make a B&W digital photo is to desaturate it in photoshop rather than just converting to greyscale. This turned out to be complete bollocks as the best way is to use the Channel Mixer and set output to Greyscale. Second best is to set to greyscale and desaturating the worst! I wonder how many photo's I have balls'ed up with that advice!

Whoops!, Oh yeah. It was taken with my new Tamron 10-24mm lens at 10mm and F13. I think I got the hyperfocal wrong - I rushed out and forgot my chart but it seems that the focus I did set may have been right for the shot.