Critique Welcomed My Trip 35 - A few frames from my first roll of BW film

Stevenson Gawen

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Reading about Rob's Olympus Trip inspired me to dig out a few photos from the first roll of monochrome film I ever shot - in my Oly Trip!
This was only a little over a year ago :)

Also my first shot at home development. I didn't do too badly.... or at least there was no disaster. Ilford HP5+ developed in Cinestill DF96 monobath. Very easy to use - if less flexible. Not quite sure about the results. I think I prefer my most recent results from Ilford ID-11 but still not bad IMO.

I think I also got a couple of light leaks in my struggles to get the leader out of the canister where I had completely rewound it to - I wasn't confident about handling a spool of film in the dark, so wanted to keep the canister intact...
The Twa Dogs is a great action pic. (I'm reminded of Burns here.) The building with the ladder is so reminiscent of images from the Southwest US, conjures a Hopi village or something like that. The feline/canine love affair is sweet and the tree is lovely. Overall 4 great pictures.