Need to adjust my meds...

Reminds me of the look of the prints when I got a film developed at Jessops. The assistant tried to convince me that was how black and white film was developed in the old days :D
Well if by "old days" he meant the Hill & Adamson Calotypes he wasn't far off. As you know from our brief discussion outside of RPF that's what these remind me of.
Indeed. But they'd put my b&w film through colour processing, and everything came out very red. She was trying to get out of my claim for a refund...
That's interesting Rob. I don't know how those processing machines work but in home film processing you can process colour film in B&W chemicals (you end up with a B&W image of course) but you can't process B&W in colour chemicals. I haven't tried it myself but I have read that you will lose everything on the film.