New Gates

Vic Shaw

Senior Member
Just had some new gates fitted to my drive, you can just make out the his'n'hers towers through them :)


told you I was bored
I knew someone would pick up on that. damn!
Can't let the butler carry it nowadays what with todays blame culture
That's a lie...
This is my house - tatty window frames an all...
It's also a good example of the crap dynamic range of the iPhone 3GS

That may be your house Hamish but what is my cat doing there lolol, I want her back right this instant !! :p

( that cat is identical looking to Saphy, looks like she/he got the evil glint lets cause trouble look in them eyes too lol)
She is called imp coz she looks like a little naughty imp... She is the smallest of our cats but easily the most adventurous
... And she hasn't half got a meow on her ... She is very lovely though, she isn't long haired but she doesn't have typical short hair, she sorta has fluff, so she is very soft...
But yeah, she does have that evil black cat thing about her.... I think it's a personality trait in black cats, they just act suspiciously .... Odd little things
sounds exactly like my Saphy then her meow is like a cat equivalent of an operas singer lol - mine is short haired but not short haired if that makes sense very soft fur and a mischievous little git!!

better get back on topic lol