New Tv programme

Laurie Parker

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Starting 7th September on channel 5 at 7.30pm " How to take stunning photographs" a show dedicated to photography
I just hope it's not one of those "In this programme we'll be telling you how to take good photographs... so coming up later we've got Reginald Plin-Thurdsby telling you how to take good photographs, where he'll be showing you how to take good photographs. Meanwhile, I'll just remind you that I told you that we'll be telling you how to take great photographs and I've also just told you that Reggie will be telling you later in the programme just how to do it. So, just before we go over to Reggie, we'll have a break" type of programmes.

Why they can't just get on with it these days, I'll never know!
lol no idea what its going to be like but will tune in too see if its any good, gonna have to record it though cos its on same time as Eastenders lol
Quick update that programme starts tonight at 7.30pm tonight's is about portraits.

P.s sorry bout two txts Darren but I clicked wrong button on phone and it sent before I finished lol. sent a txt case you wasn't online for one reason or another lol
i only just got txt 45 mins ago.......haha bit late but thanks.............rofl
yeah I enjoyed it, didnt go into any technical things about camera settings etc was more geared up to giving tips about light, backgrounds etc some good tips in there I thought