On the trail of the Covenanters (2)

Douglas McMann

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Road to Destiny...

Waterless Road, heading towards Ceres, Fife.

On Friday 2 May 1679, Archbishop James Sharp set out with his eldest daughter and a handful of servants from Edinburgh, heading for St. Andrews.

They stopped the night at Kennoway, about twenty miles from his destination, at the home of a Captain Seatoun.

In the morning the party continued to the Manse at Ceres, along the road in this photograph, where the minister Alexander Leslie was an old friend of his, before moving on again to destiny and death.

On Magus Muir, he was shot and hacked to death by a group of Covenanters, present among them being one David Hackston of Rathillet (one of my anscestors) who attempted to intervene in the butchery.

But murder on Magus Moor took place, and there would soon be a terrible vengeance exacted for it.

Very interesting. Is there a marker or something to identify the site of the murder, Dougie?
Hi Brian...

Yes, there is a marker near to where the deed was supposed to have occurred, as well as another for five Covenanters captured at the Battle of Bothwell Bridge, after the murder. They were tortured and subsequently hanged after failing to disclose the identity of the Bishops killers. This was also in 1679. Their bodies were then hung in chains, on display until 1688 before being interred ...!!!

Grisly times...!