Only Tent Campin! & HDR

Brenton W. Cooper

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Howdy, as I said in my intro, I'm a tent camper and I sell images on-line in the vein of HDR. Some like it some like it not. Whatever! Here is where I've decided to place some of my work and my campin images.

This image is on the shore of Lake Mojave in southern Nevada. It's warmer in southern Nevada than it is up in Reno in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and so the tent seen is an Eureka "Copper Canyon" 10x10 Nylon. The vehicle is a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2001 V8(Jeep's initials are WJ). The boat atop the jeep is an Old Town "Dirigo" Tandem Kayak. The image is a HDR, tonemapped. This is dispersed camping(free). No fee was payed to camp here. The road in is about 32 miles of dirt from Searchlight, Nevada. Searchlight is about 62 miles southeast of Las Vegas.

BTW: No pixels were harmed in anyway while creating this version of a photograph! Any and all comments are welcomed, even four or five letter words are okay as long as they are strung out evenly or oddly! Thanks for allowing me to share!

no doubt a Bear just out of shot though not to mention the snakes.
You are too kind! This is tranquil compared to the barbs ye throw! My stuff's too timid like an organ grinder without his monkey. Off camera the hotel is just 22 miles down a dirt road. I like the jabs, but can't fathom the shots, like you're got! Much to learn too late!
Don't mind us Brenton! I do like the effect HDR has on skies. As you've probably noticed though, I tend to shoot / develop towards limited range rather than extended range. However, I am interested in HDR for technical work. Have you had a look at the new HDR / Tone map tool from Nik Software? As I have a few licenses I might give it a go, given the discount that provides.