Red Daisy


Graeme Harvey

Who's a mutant:D
Nice shot

Reminds me of many years ago when I was a shooter in Florida. The newspaper had a venerable garden columnist who was probably the most knowledgeable person on earth of the plants and growing conditions of our micro-climate. She not only knew it all, but was very aware she knew it all.

We had a magnolia tree in the yard that produced huge white flowers. Out of curiosity, I clipped one, put it in water with a bit of food colouring. Next morning it had absorbed the food colouring and was anything but white! Our expert always came in Tuesday afternoon to write her coloumn, so Monday, I gathered a few of the best blossoms and did the food colour bit. I rinsed the stems, and put them into a vase on her desk.

According to the others in the room, when she arrived, she went ballistic. She was well along in years and an unquestioned expert, and suddenly everything unraveled. She had never seen an orange or magenta magnolia, much less a blue-green one! When the staff finally picked themselves off the floor and dried the tears of laughter, they explained. She came roaring down to the photo department, and I learned some words of admonishment that probably had not been uttered since the days of the Spanish Main. She had a vocabulary too! In the end we both were in helpless laughter - she had been totally taken in.
Well, believe me Larry - this one's the real deal!