Retirement Present

Rob MacKillop

Edinburgh Correspondent
Hi Again Folks...

I retired from teaching yesterday, and now look forward to a life of penury - it's good for the soul, allegedly - but was very surprised when a fairly large box arrived today from Red Dot Cameras. I certainly hadn't ordered anything, so was surprised when I opened the box and saw a brand-new Leica Q3 with accessories such as a leather case. There was a computer-printed note in French, thanking me for my teaching, and offering me this present - but it was unsigned. It took me a while and two or three emails before finding out who did it: a very nice student in Colorado. Many thanks went his way.

Having had the Q2 I knew what to expect, but the menu system is quite different. We live mostly in subdued lighting, so I tested the camera's low-light capability, and generally had a bit of fun messing with the files in Exposure 7. No great artistic worth, but it got me thinking about photography again, which I hadn't done for several months. We are also selling our house, moving back to near-central Edinburgh after 4 years on the coast. I'm looking forward to that, and to getting back to photography.

Meanwhile, some daft efforts from this evening...

1. White jug with grasses

White Jug with Flowers.jpg

2. 10-string guitar - fried in Polopan:
10-String Polopan.jpg

3. Ditto fried in Kodalith:
10-String Kodalith.jpg

4. Ditto fried again in Polopan
10-String Polopan 2.jpg

Hmm...I just realised I made them all b&w...
Enjoy your new-found freedom, Rob, I hope it's long, healthy and fruitful photographically. Off to a flying start with that amazing gift from a former student! All the best.
Now that's appreciation! Nobody sent me a Leica when I retired... :(
Thanks again, Stevenson. I appreciate your comments. Yes, I have been burned out for a while, and have been of creative things. But a wind of change has come my way, thanks to the gift of a great camera. I look forward to viewing your work.
First of all, I hope you'll have a splendid time as a pensioner Rob and all that's coming your way of goodies are pretty much deserved I'd say. When I retired many moons ago, I thought that I'd have much time at my disposal. Never been as busy as when that new era started. Wish you all the best and maybe I'll stumble in your pathway someday. 😇