Scary Clown Toys

Barry Keavney

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Took this shot last night, whilst faffing around with my first lighting Kit. I managed to acquire it for free because of its age; but it will be a great learning curve I'm sure. Unfortunately, I don't have a hot-shoe adapter for the D90 and couldn't get the camera connected, so I just held the little freak in the position I wanted using the model bulb and fired!
D90 + 18-105 @
ISO 1000

Any tips would be greatly appreciated


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That does seem to make more sense...:eek:

This little fart right here, is another one of my partners "toys" that linger limply from my wardrobe and stalk my every thought whilst I sleep. On a more serious note:
It is my second attempt at using the studio flash equipment that I acquired recently.
I was using Hamish's Nikon 50mm f1.4 to its full potential; This was taken with only a 60w modelling lamp (in pitch black) 2 foot from the clowns head. The reflection in the backround is being bounced off a white sheet 4 foot away. This time I used the umbrella, as I read it gives a harsher contrast to the shapes. Quite obvious in this shot, I suppose. The only alterations I made was to bring the brightness down, and added about 2.5% noise so it had a "Semi Soft-Focus" effect on his freaky little hat!
The Little Freak...!
You need to get a trigger to fire the flash proper...
I'll be in the shop later... I'm sure we have something hanging around... If not il point you to what you need on eBay ....
One of those proline remote release things would do it... If there is one of them hanging round?
That said, It doesn't really matter, your getting some pretty good results just doing what your doing...
You will just have a lot more control if you use the actual flash bulb...
Indeed, you are very right. Holding a camera in one hand and a clown in the other in pitch black, hardly makes for a perfect shot. Unfortunately, the space restrictions whilst using the lighting equipment has a huge effect, especially as the lighting Kit only has three settings, Full Flash, 1/2 flash and 1/4 flash! (told you it was old!) :)
I will speak to you about it later, and hopefully you will see the results shortly!
Loving the attached pic, Barry. It scared the living daylights out of me.