Series of pipes

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
first and foremost, i do not condone the actions policies or ideals of the bnp... now thats out the way

secondly... this is personal work... not wedding work... horah for me :)

photos taken with panasonic gf1 with modified russian lens .. i like it because it makes the the photos less sharp without being out of focus... dont ask me why i like that, i just do

i have used my own interpretation of this bleach by pass thing

this is the only one i like... but as the others were taken in the same place i figured id post them too






so what do we think?
First let me ditto Hamish. I do not condone the actions, policies or ideals of the bnp.

I like these. The second and third keep pulling me back. They all have nice tones but these two have that little extra. I like the perspective in the second, the wall and diamond adds a place to wander over after the pipe. The third has that great texture on the concrete making it much more interesting then the bnp graffiti it's such a shame that the bnp graffiti is there and so prominent, pity it wasn't something else. Although in a perverse way it makes it more gritty.
Well, I'm glad I posted them as a series, my favourite is the first one by a good margin.
Can I ask, is there a verdict on the lens choice, can anyone see the effect of using a crappy lens, or does it just look like post process?