Graeme Harvey

Now discontinued, but 2007 marketing pic for Bessaflex


Does it remind you of a 30 year old entry-level SLR? This one perhaps?

This is the camera that is currently the Nikon FM-10. With minor cosmetic differences, it has also been the Canon T60, Olympus OM2000, Ricoh KR-5 and Yashica FX-3. Components derived from its innards have been used in the Rollei 35RF, Zeiss Ikon and Cosina's own Voigtländer Bessa R series of 35 mm film rangefinder cameras as well as the Epson R-D1. Cosina has milked it for all it was worth!
Always a nice little cheapie though! Good glassware and a vertical metal shutter. I really thought I'd arrived when I bought it as a spotty teenager.
Epson rd1 ... Now there's a camera ... Well unless you have an old one and te sensor has seen better days... Like mine :(