some of my film cameras :)

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
sorry about the iphone images ... i was feeling lazy




Is that a Camera shop or a house :)

Nice collecton !
Il start putting my blog together at some point properly soon... I have photos taken with almost all of them (a couple don't work) and some others too.. With little bits on how they work etc...
Hours of fun tinkering with them!
I used to have the same Zorki camera you have. I lost it many years ago and have no idea where it went. Solid was the word to use for it and I don't know if all the lenses were good but the one I had was excellent as far as I can remember.
yeah they made tham out of bits of tank chassis.... thats a lie... they are pretty solid though eh....
lots of lenses out there for them, mines LTM so the list is nigh on endless ... they getting more dear now though with all the short flange back digi cameras you can get adapters for almost any lens and the little ltm's are popular for their size and weight!
Hey Look REAL Cameras. I absolutely love my F5`s, Proper gear. and they call the digital age progress ? Seriously though Hamish great collection, I`m envious, Barry`s right lock this stuff away mate.
Rob H
He was round the other day dribbling on my f4... It's criminal how cheap they go for in eBay these days!
The f3 is my fave!
That was not dribble Hamish, It was actually beer! Besides, thats was the first time I had ever physically seen an F3, F4 (and every other camera you had!) I agree with Rob, in respect of progress; it is substantially easier and cheaper to be a "good" photographer nowadays, whereas with the like of the old film bodies; they were almost works of art themselves!
As I have mentioned oft times before, the simplistic joy of a single-wind transport mechansim!!