Darren Turner

I went to a local country house estate today to see the deers & stags during the rut, i have been before to see them but not at this time of the year before. I was hoping to grabs some shots of them fighting antler to antler as they do, but failed.

The noise these animals make is quit impressive if not a little scary

To say these horny stags would chase anything that moves is an understatement, they were so scatty and running around chasing the females rather than sat around lazing in the sun like my past experiences.

My trip was inspired Lorraine, i had a great day & i could sit there forever watching these majestic beasts unfortunately i had the nephew with me who was impressed for only 10 mins before he was bored haha........ it was also a great opportunity to use the new gear.

i spotted so many togs with the biggest lens i have even seen, hides & camouflaged gear to match...... which in my opinion was a total over kill as the deer at this country park are very well known to be reasonably fact if you have a picnic it the woods they have been know to help themselves to your sandwiches.

Images coming soon.


PS am off to have my venison steaks.....haha
They could do with the hides etc in the place I went as the forest was so dense also with bracken was very difficult to get close to them, and talk about mountainous lol I felt like Sir Edmund Hilary, but was worth it as these animals are amazing and the noise they make during rutting my god alive!!!!!!
I've never been lucky enough to go to a Deer Rut, there are not many around here that you can get close to them, so I'm looking forward to these shots Darren.