Storm Chasing

Im not really one for Landscape shots, however, I do want to tick a "lightning Pic" off of the list ;)
A couple of weeks ago, I noticed some heavy looking clouds and headed towards the highest peak around, the Malverns. I clambered up them in no time and got all set up. I had failed to notice how bright it still was, and quickly realised I wasn't going to get the shot I wanted. However, I could almost put my head INTO the thunderous and sporadically lighting fill clouds, and I got this shot.
By no means is it perfect, and one will notice that I have played with the curves to achieve a more tempermental colour.
Changing the colours was not a ploy to portray a "better" pic, but I do like to try an blur the line between realism and art very finely so that the nature and mood of the atmosphere was represented. Especially as I was clinging onto a metal tripod on the higest point of Worcestershire in a lighting storm! :eek: