Critique Welcomed The Edison Eagles

Brian Moore

In the Skagit Valley of Washington State there is a tiny and delightful town called Edison. From time-to-time Bald Eagles gather there. I suppose the fields, farms and streams surrounding the town support plenty of food for them at certain times of the year. Anyway, this picture is from two years ago. I think it was Boxing Day, or perhaps the day after. I would like to have gotten nearer because I didn't have a long lens. However, the tree you're looking at is on private property with a home adjacent, just out of the frame, and I didn't want to trespass. Because of this I decided to crop the image to bring the birds closer. The eagles you see here were a mere fraction of the total population of eagles perched on the various trees surrounding us. It was a remarkable sight.

Sigma Quattro SD with Sigma 30/1.4.

Wow. Never seen anything like that. I have watched a single eagle flying around a loch once. Quite a sight.

Good shot, Brian. And the crop works well.
Bald eagles are common around these parts,...though a gathering such as this one in Edison is unique. Thanks Rob.
An impressive sight, Brian, seeing so many of these beautiful birds in one place. I also like the contrast between the sharp, spiky boughs and the soft sky. A little snow thrown into the mix adds an extra dimension.
The shot has a great character as an arboriculture interest image, but the hidden rare birds are a treat.

I've found myself in the position many times with the wrong focal length lens attached; you made it work Brian.