The Face that Launched a Thousand Rips

Vic Shaw

Senior Member
Ha!..... always liked this shot kind of but could never really think of a title, tonight it all came together...........


I really like the shot but for some reason find the rip in the face disconcerting, but its kind of the point with the title and all.

Was the face ripped on the others? it looks like it may have been from the rip in the poster that's on the other side of the pillar.
To be honest I cannot remember. I would imagine that most posters would be ripped around here. I know what you mean about the rip though and your right that's the reason I took the shot without it it would have been just another shot.

and I know what your going to say Pete 'Crop the bottom' :) and I agree
If your going to wear a t-shirt with the word sup written on it perhaps it should be anticipated that someone might decide to damage your face... I'm not saying id do the damage, just more that it is an inevitability ...