Rob MacKillop

Edinburgh Correspondent
Very enjoyable dander around the home environs, with the Q2M.

1. There are about five trees in a row here:


2. A little bit of Auld Nik Glamour Glow here, to accent the madness:











twa corbies.jpg
And all aching to be hugged! ;)

What a super study. I like the alignment of the pole and tree especially. And the glamour glow has added a nice touch of menace too. The first and second to last are wonderfully calm and would make a very nice printed pair I think.
I'm no tree hugger, but wouldn't mind living in one. I'm suddenly reminded of a story - can't recall the author - of a boy who is in the huff with his family, climbs a tree, and never comes down, ever. In those far days you could jump from tree to tree all across Europe, which he did. Sounds like fun!

Glad you like em, sir!
These are wonderful you old tree bugger I mean hugger.

It's nice to see a glimpse of the Forth Bridge in #1; that anchors the location nicely.The Glamour Glow shot is wonderfully foreboding. A delightful set overall.
Cheers, Brian. I'm neither a hugger nor a bugger, but I do like trees, though they are home to many beasties, which I don't like. It's a complicated relationship we have, trees and I.

Glad you like them. When we first moved to South Queensferry, three months ago, the bridge was always a big surprise every time we looked out the window, or turned a street corner, but now it has become "normalised", and just sneaks in quietly unannounced into the landscape. So, I never actually noticed it when I took the shot, but I'm glad it's there, not saying "look at me!".
What wonderful old trees, finely captured too. I freely admit to being a tree hugger too!

I am sure I can see a bridge in the first one, it gets everywhere. Saw a piece about the buidings on Inchgarvie island the other day, most interesting.