Twice in two days...


Graeme Harvey

I've always been quick to complain about how customer service has deteriorated over the past few years. But I have to say that I've been overwhelmed by the welcome I've had in two places in Kidderminster yesterday and today.

I went out shopping for some light switches and ended up in the electrical wholesaler Newey and Eyre yesterday. The lady in the shop couldn't have been more helpful, the prices were certainly better than retail, and I was given a free cup of coffee while I was waiting. Fantastic! Magnificent and 10/10 Newey and Eyre.

Today I was in Mister Tees Rock Shop - deals in all sorts of second hand records and CDs - a real Aladdin's cave and you need about three weeks in there to get your head round the vast collection of stuff they've got. While I was browsing, I was asked if I wanted a cuppa because, "I'm putting the kettle on and it's as easy to make three as it is to make two." Superb stuff. There's nothing like being treated like royalty. Forget these stupid "loyalty card" schemes. Just treat your customers as guests and you get genuine goodwill.