Unusual portrait of Barry

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
Prob not for everyone this ... but i like it ... and Barry seems to ...
anyone else?



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wow i like it alot................. surprised.....? yes me too....

Liking the retro mirror also, is the silhouette to the right barry?
Yeah, it's Barry to the right of the image in silhouette

The mirror is a work of art in it's self!
This is the location ... And that's me in the reflection trying to concentrate on holding the camera steady and managing to look quite intense in the process :)

there is another version in the opening post ... it is there because im so confused about what screen is giving me an acurate output ... the result i am after is likely somewhere between the 2... i need to bring my eizo screen home ... i cant work like this! ;)
I have a bit of an alteration to make ... Started doing it earlier ... Needs less saturation without loosing the effect on the left hand side ...