Washi Washi

I have been trying for ages to get hold of some Washi Washi film in 5x4 format. FotoImpex here in Germany is the distributer, but it sells so quickly I suspect there must be a backlog of orders. However, last week they had stock and I was able to get hold of 3 packs to try at last (36 sheets). Now, it might take me a while to use it as I am returning to the UK next week, but I do have some ideas for it.

The film is made by Film Washi in France in small batches. They have a number of interesting films, some created from rare stock and others (like this one) hand coated onto Japanese paper as is the case here (Moriki Paper's Tosa Washi paper). It is available in other formats and I know @Chris Bennett had some (in 120 format I think), but I'm not sure if he has used it yet: have you Chris?

Washi Washi.jpg
Hi Pete,
Since we last spoke, the situation has remained the same - I have a roll of the 120 Washi W film in my Minolta Autocord, with 2 frames left to shoot. I really do need to get out and finish it off. There are another few rolls in the fridge. Coincidentally, I just last week bought three rolls of Washi (non-Washi paper) 35mm films. Two rolls of Washi Z, which is the near infrared emulsion that was used for mapping vegetation and one of Washi X which is a colour film with no orange mask.
I see Freestyle Photo in Los Angeles sells Film Washi in 35mm and 120 formats. They also have 4x5 sheets listed on their website but shown as "out of stock" at the moment.

Since I moved to the Pacific Northwest a few years ago my film shooting has decreased markedly, primarily due to my concerns about disposing of spent chemicals. But I'm intrigued by the Film Washi. I may have to buy some.