Vic Shaw

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I'm sick of this picture, I've shot it 3 times now and processed it twice as many. Now I realise I have corrected it wrong so it stays as is! I also realise my sensor needs a good clean I had to clone out about 5 spots and no doubt I've missed a few. Notice the eye in the sky far right I've no idea what that's about it only appear during the PP.


Hi Vic,

I like the scene but it's a bit over-processed for me. There's something odd about the perspective and I think it would be nice to have a wee bit of colour in the sky. I really like the 'birdies' too. And the face.

Faces in puddles, eyes in the sky. You're not beginning to feel paranoid are you?!! ;)

What about something like this?


Hope you don't mind.
I think your version is better a little softer. I wasn't really sure where this was going but I'd shot it a few times before so I was going to persist with it. I feel it lacks a little something. Planes from London Airport pass over this quite low but I couldn't see a reason for adding them to the shot. Maybe next time I'm passing I'll get something a little closer. Put this one down to bad judgement.

And I have no problem with you messing with my photos.I tend to get carried away sometimes and need reining in