Wet Hot Bake

Stevenson Gawen

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I've been meaning for a while to get a shot of this local Vietnamese bakery, mostly as I like the aging signwriting above the shopfront. As I passed on my way home this afternoon I noticed that the sky colour made a rather nice contrast with the sign so I stopped and grabbed a few shots with my phone. (In raw - DNG - mode).

As I did so the clouds sort of burst... I was on the sheltered pavement, but everything else got rather wet very quickly. :D
Photo developed/edited in darktable - just contrast and colour tweaks initially, but finally decided to add a 1/2 stop graduated filter to the sky to better recreate my impression of the scene.

A fab image. I’m not normally a big fan of overhead cables (the blighters seem to get in front of so many things that I want to get a piccie of). Here, they really add to the way the sky repeats the patterns in the foreground, both dark elements increasing the impact of the shop fronts😃. Just my two pennies fwiw.
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I agree, the cables here form an essential part of the composition I think, along with those lines. And the colours and contrasts of the main elements are superb and I can see why you stopped. I think adding the gradient was a good idea too especially if it recreated your impression. To me that is what can transform a photography as a record to something else, whether done on a computer, by using a filter or in a darkroom.