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Brenton W. Cooper

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Howdy, lookin around everyone is from all over...that's great. Throwin' my hat in the ring I'm from Reno, Nevada USA. I'm a triple professional retiree: industrial photographer, freelancer, and studio owner. Thought I'd take it easy for awhile but then decided to try the internet web thing selling photographs. Joined a few social sites expanding horizons and thought about finding a "RPF." I'm also a mod on another forum site which has nothing to do with photography, that's a relief. But I miss chattin' photography. Adios fer now. :cool:
Welcome, good to have you aboard, we are nearly at 100 people here now so getting there ... What forum have you come from out of interest?
The other forum is http://www.campingforums.com. It's a forum with about 113 active users. I'm a hard-core-Kodiak-Canvas-Tent-Camper and a flatwater-tandem-kayaker. I actually found RPF on facebook. My username there is Brenton Cooper(100% English Heritage). The camping forum handle there is Renodesertfox or RDF. That's where RDF Photography comes from. I also have a flicker account with the name Renodesertfox. Just started on the web selling photos so it'll take awhile but most photographers have great patience so this will help pass the time. Hope to be of service. Adios.
Thanks Milan!
Hi Brenton, and welcome from Potsdam (OK, I'm in the UK at the moment but I'll be back there on Thursday!).

I'm afraid I can't share you passion for camping though. I always said, "the next time I go in a tent will be when I'm a refugee!". What's wrong with a hotel and nice cooked breakfast!!

Now, the photography, howvere, is a different matter...
That's a good one, Pete!

As you'll soon see, tent campin is a way of life with me! Our tent is a Kodiak Canvas wall tent that looks like it came from a movie with Robin Hood in it. In the winter we have a propane heater and we always cart our "Big Gas Grill" portable propane grill. It'll be fun showin y'all how it's done. In fact this comin weekend Oct 30 & 31 we are tent camping again to Napa Valley State Park, so we can attend a Halloween party at one of the Wineries that we are members at. People at the wineries always say: "Hey, you smell like smoke from a campfire!" And I say: "Yeah, it's my after-shave, it's called campfire!" Ha Ha! Thanks for the warm welcome!