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Vic Shaw

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Sometimes you see a shot and you know the lights not right, but you take it anyway well I do in the hope you might be able to do something with it later. This is one such photo. thanks to Pete and the Plug in ( was that a 70's kids tv puppet show?) I was able to do something with this that ended up quite passable to my mind.



Bugga could you please fix the typo in the title please?

I could try you mean his face? I think I got his body ok
I thought you might mention the left. You are a hard task master
That should be updated to ....." the more paper you recycle"

And to be honest that's why I like this forum (that and winding Hamish up :) ), I like having my photos picked apart It's helps me learn more and not get sloppy, I think my processing skills are or have got a little better over the years.
I think that works better Vic. There is a relationship now between the statue and the vendor that was missing before I think.

I agree that it helps to have someone to bounce pictures off of. I have several friends who are working photographers (none of these half working ones you get around here ;) - sorry Hamish, just teasing!) and it is nice to be able to critique with them (even though the bit that i enjoy isn't what I get paid for - life is so unfair). We don't always agree but it does make one stand back and review ones approach. Sometimes you can get a bit lost on your own (although I guess at others you should stick to your vision as you are the only one who knows what you are trying to do).
Ya gits... You can wind me up all you like, I don't mind... Anyway if inwasnt half working and working the other half on stuff like this you lot wouldn't have this place to wind me up... ... ... Hmmm shot my self in the foot a bit here haven't I!

There is a good level of constructive comment here so far... I'm most pleased with it!