24 Months

Barry Keavney

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24 Months...thats how long I got my driving licence taken from me after acting a tit behind the wheel of a car.
I only had a provisional anyhow!
But...for the last 15 months I have own and cared for my Motorbike. I would wash it weekend, although I had never even driven it. I bought it to help me have a goal, and get me away from the downward spiral of heavy drinking...and it worked! Every morning I would look at it lovingly, thinking of the day I would get my licence back, and I could rise it. I have never been Road Legal on a bike in the UK before; and had only ever ridden bikes on the "back roads" of Ireland.
Well...Today was the Day!!!
With alot more common sense than before, I got my licence, CBT, MOT, Tax and insurance over the weekend. I got kitted out with a new jacket, helmet, gloves and boots...ran home from work and started the engine to warm her up before our first spin together.
I reset the milometer, because there is two brand new tyres on it, so I knew that when I get to the 200 mile region my tyres will be "run-in".
My first port of call was the petrol station, and after £10 of 97 Octane, I set off. Heading for the Ring road, I could do 60, whilst getting a feel for the brakes and what not.
I was travelling nicely, when so middle-aged bleach blonde lady, in a Land-rover came storming up behind me, she was not more the 10 foot from my back tyre.
Then it happened...
My Bike, the one which I have restored and looked after for 15 months STOPPED DEAD!
travelling at 60mph the ignition cut out, and the back tyre locked up.
I panicked, I didn't think about the clutch lever, I frantically looked at the lifeless dash before glancing at my right mirror. The Land-Rover passed my right shoulder with about 12 inches to spare. The back was still skidding from side to side and I tried desperately to keep it from binning me; and I did. I'll never know how I managed to keep it upright!
We came to a halt in the middle of the road, as I jumped off and struggled to get the bike to the grass verge.
There, in the relative safety of the grass, I stored my helmet to one side, as I noticed the feeling of sweat running down my back. A pass cyclist said he had never seen a motorbike "go sideways before"!
It scared me like very little before! I stayed there for 20 minutes afraid to get back on it, but I had too, and I rode straight to Hamish's house for I needed to know that I hadn't died on the roadside!
I measured the skidmark to determine how long I was travelling for with the back locked up......24 Metres!!
I just thought I add this Ballderdash becuase I know there is no way I'm going to sleep tonight, and I am jumping back on the bike tomorrow morning to take it to the garage.
I will just mention that, I have no idea why it happened! Everything is full, and charged? And it was dandy coming back from Hamish's place, although I was worse for wear.
Anywho, if you made it this far, thanks for reading!
Had that happen once when the timing chain broke. No warning - just no power. Happily it chose to do so by the front door of the dealership! No more than 20 steps into the shop to get it repaired.

I agree that it did command my full attention throughout the stopping process, and I would say that there was no factor of boredom at all.
I agree that it did command my full attention throughout the stopping process, and I would say that there was no factor of boredom at all.

;) Indeed, it was eventfully. I'm just glad I had popped to the loo before I left, otherwise, I would have had to buy new trousers today!

Barry Barry Barry.. I do worry about you!

You saw the look on my face not long after; you should have taken a pic!!! :p