3D Camera Studio - create 3D photos on your iPad

Chris Dodkin

West Coast Correspondent

Based on the popular 3D Camera app for iPhone and iPod touch, it has been completely redesigned to take full advantage of the larger iPad screen. Featuring a project gallery, a simple alignment mode, wireless image transfer, advanced export to JPS, PNS, and MPO files, and an intuitive interface, it is a powerful tool for creating 3D anaglyph, stereogram, and wigglegram images.

I just had another look at your website again Larry. Loads of useful nuggest on there and quite interesting. Makes we want to get out a take few shots but it's raining and I have some kind of bug that it just sapping all my motivation today. On TV while back I saw someone make their own 3D movie with 2 Panasonic cameras side by side. I've heard that You Tube has a facility where you can up load your 2 movies and it can process them into a 3D movie for you.
I have been doing 3D stereo photography since back in the days of the Stereo Realist film camera. Now I have the Fuji Finepix 3D W1 which blows it away. It is being replaced by a newer model, the W3, which is improved in a number of ways and lower in price. Both do movies which I am not particularly into. However, I have tested in movie mode and it certainly works well. One can view without glasses on the camera's monitor or on Fuji's viewing screen, both of which use some form of lenticular technology. Fuji has a very reasonably priced player for use with the new 3D HDTV sets as well, though they require glasses. I understand that Toshiba will be shipping glasses-free TVs at least in Japan, before the end of the year.