A place called Gualin

Donald Bain

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Yesterday as I was driving home wards after a wee 120 mile tour with my camera I was passing this wild and rugged place called Gualin on the North West Coast of Sutherland up beside Cape Wrath anyway the whole place was looking so beautiful as the day was closing down to an end, and so I pulled up to take an Image, but however my camera refused to function then I noticed that the card was full and therefore I had to delete a photo of my card to take this one, now had I known how many duff photos that I had taken earlier I could have deleted most of the card, but still you know how it is when you chipping through you photos on the wee screen and how you think that bar one or two they are all masterpieces’ of work that could easily make Charlie Waite develop a nervous twitch (the photographer who’s work I most admire) now the thing is that I have four spare cards !! but they were all at home because I never take that many photos or so I thought, I would loved to have stayed longer and taken loads more as the sun went down but the dreaded midges were there to eat you alive so it had to be a snap shot, still I kind of like the way it came out could have been worse, and the moral of the story leave a spare card in the car and find out where I put my midgie net too ha-ha.

Saw the top one on Facebook (as you know) and it's so, so beautiful. I could look at it for hours, mate. Stunning! Thanks for the story, too. It's nice to know just how some of these photos come about. You certainly would have been unlucky to have deleted something more beautiful than that. World-class landscape.
Amazing colours - worth loosing a shot on the card to get these