A Rubbish Shot

Vic Shaw

Senior Member
Well I'm not lying!

I went out today having been inspired to get off my butt by this forum, of course it started to rain. I still had a good time and enjoyed my walk around london with my daughter.


Nice, i like that sort of thing! If only there was a man walking along the path reflected in the water that leads down to the foreground, that would have just topped it off I think!
ah you might like some others I took today then. I did think about adding a person but the timing would have been hard, it was hard enough( well not hard hard just had to wait a while) to get the timing here so the was no traffic in the road as there is a set of lights to the left. I had to wait till the jam cleared and hope there was enough of a gap in the traffic to get a clean shot.
Oh I see that's fair enough... There is always something in that way of getting "that shot" eh?
Let's see some of the other then! I think I might take my voigtlander out for a few photos round town tomorrow .. See if I can get anything passable!
This was another I quite likes, I just has it in my mind to do something wierd(er) then normal. plus I wasn't out at the right time for the London landmarks.


Oooo I like mucho :)