Critique Welcomed A Study in Contrasts

Brian Moore

The big one is the Devon Tower, the tallest building in Oklahoma City and also the tallest in Oklahoma. (It's also said to be the tallest in the Plains States, which I guess would be Nebraska, Kansas, Montana, the Dakotas as well as Oklahoma.) It was completed in 2012 and reaches 844 feet into the air.

The small white building in the lower center is the Colcord Hotel. When completed in 1909 it was considered Oklahoma City's first "skyscraper." It reaches the dizzying altitude of 145 feet!

Sigma DP1 Merrill (ex-MacKillop).

Where would modern architecture be without steel and glass?
That's a great question, Rob. It sent me on a minor search for maximum heights of non-steel, tall buildings. Plenty research left to do but at a glance there are a couple of cast concrete-clad buildings that reach the approximate height of the Devon Tower. (The Transamerica Building in San Francisco is one.) But the real tall ones in the world are all steel and glass I think.