Animals of the Maasai Mara

Hamish Gill

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That "turkey" at the top (yes I know!) looks mean, but the pick of these is the gorgeous elephant photo - lovely contrasts on a simple background and great framing. Top drawer!
That elephant one was a happy accident, it was toward the end of the day and shot into the sun. The result was a washed out mess... Lightroom made it better!
I was chuffed with the on of the young cheater, we were quite close by and I think he could hear the cameras shutter which meant for a split second he looked right at me down my zoomed in lens and flicked his tale.. It was one o the best moments of the trip ... Even without taking the photo...
Agree with Grez the Jumbo is a Belter:D The others Aint bad iether

I don't much like the other black and white ones anymore but hey ho, I had a hdd breakdown and lost the original raw files... So I'm stuck with em now... A lesson well learned
The Elephant is a awesome shot, even given the lighting conditions it just makes it better. It gives it a out of the mist feel.

I know the problem with the eye contact, I had the same problem with Tigers in India they just wouldn't look me in the eye.