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Barry D. Hunt

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Hi Hamish,

You will know me from the Art of Sound forum. Photography is another interest of mine, however it is now limited to travel photography, and since the demise of Kodachrome, I lost interest to some extent and these days take very few photographs .

I'm hoping that this forum will encourage me to re-new my interest.

I have just bought a pocket digital camera: yes I know, I have been brought dragging and screaming into the digital age. I know nothing about digital photography and what the parallels are with coventional film photography: ISO speeds; grain; shutter speeds, that sort of thing, but am willing to learn. Again, I hope this forum will be able to help me.

So far the forum looks very professional - very well done! I hope to be able to add some images of my own (once I have assessed the competition!)

Hi Barry from yet another (ex)AoS member :),
Nice to see you here. Your story in some regards, or up to a point in time, mirrors mine. I have thousands of slides tucked away at the top of a wardrobe, together with a projector and screen in the loft, and I lost a bit of interest when digital cameras appeared. But then I got into computers a little bit and the thought of manipulating and printing my own images resurrected my interest to some extent. Having a couple of lively youngsters at around the same time helped :).
Now the kids are grown up but with no youngsters of their own, my photography seems to be mainly restricted to holidays snaps.
Look forward to reading your posts and swapping notes with you. Based on our previous exchanges I expect to find them very interesting and enlightening.
Hi Guys (a sort of 'stereo' Dave),

Thanks for the welcome. It's good to find the two of you here - I've missed 'mister wobbly'! What you have done is the sort of thing I want to get into: scanning slides and applying digital maniputation to the image. It was the prima facie reason for me getting a computer with an ultra sharp monitor in the first place.

Hi Barry! You will I am sure recognise another AoS member, and lapsed snapper who has similar motives to your own (although also nice to be catching up with others who I haven't spoken to in a while :)) - I was a very keen amateur photographer, member of an active club, who lost interest when digital took over (very much how I felt about CD, back in the 80s!) but now getting back into it, and actually finding that digital isn't that different - the same rules apply vis exposure, ISO etc. - main difference is that you very quickly get to see how good (or bad!) your shot was! Embrace it, and you will love it!
Hi Barry

I hope I'm not speaking out of turn, but the forum seems to be all about learning and sparking off each other. Your experience with film will be hugely valuable because you'll be able to pass on a lot of knowledge to people like me. You'll also be able to ask questions and pick up a bit on the experience of a few of us who've been using digital for a bit longer than you.

Looking forward to seeing some of your pictures.