Any members near Newcastle? band photography job

Gavin Robert

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A shout out to UK forum members who live in or near Newcastle.

Because Newcastle is so far from the Isle of Wight for a one night stand I need someone to take images of a band for me that will be used on the bands website (which I'm building).

You'll receive a AAA (access all areas) pass and get to meet security before kick off which will speed your movements throughout the show. You can even be present at the sound check should you wish but if attending the sound check you will then have the chance to be on stage with the band during the main event at predetermined times, normally run on to one spot, rapid fire and then run off within time. The maximum amount of runs available to me during a set have been three but I've never used more than two. The band doesn't miss you!

This opportunity is more suited to someone who can handle stage lighting and who relishes their first experience at rock photography. The guitarist is also a friend who I've shared hotels with in Europe during concerts and who is the main draw in the band so you will be treated like family. I haven't checked the venue yet but crowd numbers can vary from between apx 4 and 35K.

The down side? There is no fee because I build my relationship with bands on mutual promotion which includes you. You will be credited for any images used and be given a link on the bands website to your personal site/blog.

I apologise if this post comes across to the point but I'm in 'get the job done' mode!

I can only offer this opportunity to members who were registered before this post date and who have posted since I become a member. Period.
Bloody hell Gavin - I'm tempted to get on the next plane to Newcastle!!

Looking forward to seeing how this develops
A great opportunity for someone Gavin and I can imagine there's a couple of folks around Worcester that might realise just how 'close' Newcastle is all of a sudden! I'll try to contact Vic Shaw and give him a nudge for you as well. He's been quiet recently but posted some good band shots a while back and I could imagine you'd like his style.
Thanks guys and sorry for the late response but I had some minor spinal surgery that put me out of action more than I expected.

The gig is around the 5th June but I'll have to check. There are three bands playing and all classic rock.

I've sent him an email yesterday so will update when I know more.
Moron probably more than Oxy Hamish. Spinal denervation or RFD (radio frequency denervation). Second time. First time two years ago I was fine afterwards, this time I walked away feeling like I was kicked by a horse. Old internal scar tissue I suppose.
I'm near Newcastle and love Classic Rock but I don't have the skills for that type of work.
Still two out of three ain't bad;):D.
WOW. a great opportunity for someone. If only I had another year or two behind the lens. As a rock lover, it would of been a great experience. Just out of interest who's the band?