Critique Welcomed Anyone shoot presentations?

Stevenson Gawen

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This was an end of year presentation for the ACT Regional Rally Series, and also a bit of a get together of the ACT's two main motorsport clubs.
I often seem to become the main photographer at these events, largely as they don't really get a lot of media interest - but I enjoy making a record of it and the photos are usually appreciated by the organisers too which makes it seem worthwhile. :)

I sometimes get a bit bored though! I flipped a portion of them to monochrome this time, (without any complaints from anyone) and rather like it. Lighting is usually fairly awful in these venues and BW cuts that right out of the equation which is nice for a change.

But to come to the point, I do enjoy catching the interesting moments that happen here and there, the odd expressions, the unintentionally humorous. The last category I'm never sure if it's just me that find them funny or not!

Obviously, nothing particularly artistic about these, and I've left out a few that I really like out of respect for the subjects, but I do enjoy a bit of this kind of thing.

Do any of you shoot (or have shot) this kind of thing? I'm not sure what you'd call it really - I suppose documentary covers it. But that's not very specific!

Nikon D750 and 24-70mm f2.8 G non-VR.




Those banquet halls can have really awful light. Good call on going B&W. Add me to the list of people liking the third shot best.