Articles and Blogs

Hamish Gill

Tech Support (and Marketing)
The goal of this site is for it to become a community where we can all share our knowledge through the forum, but also through blogs and article


Anyone is welcome to start a blog, in fact I encourage it!
the only thing to remember is that blog images need to be less than 600px wide


I have started putting together a few articles for the site my self ... they are fairly basic, but I'm no writer...
As time goes by I will be inviting members to write articles for the website.
If you have any ideas for an article, or would like to contribute please contact me via PM or send me an email.
just a quick reminder to all that as a member of this comunity you are encouraged (although i am happy if you dont want to) to write threads that can be premoted to articles like these ones have

we also have a blog section, you are all welcome to use the software to start your own blogs

(although please remember to limit the size of the images to a width of 800px for articles and 550 px for blogs until i can find a way to make the software do it for me)